Quality Control

Quality control unit and Laboratory Unit

It is composed of trained personnel which are trying to control and maintain the quality attributes of product to customers.
In this regard, the control takes place in three stages:quality control
1. raw input materials control
2. Control during processing
3. The end product control

1. input control:
At the beginning of entering raw materials to the factory, they are sampled and tested in accordance with relevant standards and if confirmed, they are drained in the respective tanks.
Controlling other input materials and components is carried out by laboratory unit. It should be noted that the laboratory equipment are calibrated regularly in valid laboratories.

2. Controlling during the process:
In this level, sampling of different production parts is done randomly and controlled.

3. The final product control:
At this stage, the final product is sampled and controlled and inspected in accordance with relevant standards in terms of the appearance control (packaging conditions), dimensional control (according to standards and defined parameters) analysis and control (laboratory and practical tests).

Quality control unit purposes:

1. To maintain and improve quality and at the same time to optimize energy consumption
2. to plan and obtain relevant scientific and technical certificates.