Caustic Soda Flakes Application

The caustic soda is one of the most used materials in the chemical industry.

-Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries

In the petrochemical industry to neutralize and degreasing and in the oil industry for refining petroleum (oil) products and in drilling mud in the oil field.

-Food and Agriculture Industry

Caustic soda is used in the milk and dairy industry, canning, beverage, sweetening olives, producing chocolate and cocoa and caramel, edible oil industry and sugar mills.

-Paper Industries

Caustic soda has an essential role in the paper industry to separate the cellulose fibers from lignin and in wood separating and pulp production. Caustic soda is used to increase the pH in the paper fibers fermentation process. With the addition of Caustic soda to paper fibers, pH rises and makes these fibers smooth and polished and swollen which this is very important in its grinding process. Caustic soda affects in whitening the brown fibers of baking process.

-Leather Industries

Caustic soda is used in the leather Industries after the hair removal steps and removal of non-fibrous proteins and wool from the skin surface by lime during degreasing process.

-Additional Industries

Caustic soda is also very widely used material in other chemical and additional industries, including:
*Water and Wastewater industry (to clotting heavy metals and acidity control in water treatment)
*Automotive industry and neutralizing the acid and battery-manufacturing
*Degreasers industry and other related industries
*Textile industry
*Pharmacy and alcohol industry
*Cosmetics industry
*Paints and resins and adhesives industry
*Plastics industry
*Cotton industry
*Metal and plating Industries and, galvanizing, zinc, aluminum