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As the market leader, Petro Gohar Pars always offers the best price.

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Perak caustic soda produced by Petro Gohar Pars Company is supplied to the market in various packages with excellent quality according to the order.

quality guarantee

The use of modern technology and the benefit of the quality control unit have always made the quality of the caustic soda perc produced by this company to be at the highest level.

Welcome to Petro Gohar Pars

Gohar Shimi Manufacturing Group began its work by several sophisticated and experienced craftsmen in order to produce caustic soda flakes (NaOH) according to international standard with registrating its Gohar brand in 1998.

The company constructed its first factory in the Eshtehard industrial town of Tehran Province with the name of KAVIAN Gohar Shimi in 1378 believing that industries relying on primary sources (domestic production) should be increasingly developed and expanded and by acquisition the enormous experiences over time, it could be known as the largest manufacturer of caustic soda flakes in the country with the construction of a second factory called Petro Gohar Pars. Co on the site 1 of Special Economic Petrochemical Zone located in Khuzestan province in 2005.
Petro Gohar Pars company attempts to offer a product with excellent quality in diverse and desirable packaging utilizing the latest technology and quality control equipped laboratory, R & D department and specialist staff and accordingly it is honored to receive standard certification from the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran as well as ISO 9001: 2008 quality control certification from Tuv InterCert (SAAR) company of Germany. Although the company is known as the largest manufacturer of caustic soda flakes with high quality and desirable services in the country at present, but increasing efforts to achieve its aspirations which are to obtain regional and trans-regional markets is the Petro Gohar Pars group biggest concern as well as product promotion and supplying domestic market and eliminate the country’s dependence on imports of this
the form of an integrated system, the company could attend to a large extent in international markets in addition to providing requirement of 50% of the large oil companies, the food industry, chemical industry, detergent industry, textile industry, agricultural industry and… the country.

“Advantages of the company’s attendance in the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone”
Presence in the heart of largest Iran’s petrochemical port and access to petrochemical raw materials supplying hub
Access to transcontinental railroad and free waters and adjacency with the largest country’s commercial ports such as Bandar-e Imam Khomeyni and Khorramshahr port for easy product distribution.